Here is the world first flying bicycle Paravelo

Here is the world first flying bicycle Paravelo

TXploreAir Paravelo is the world’s first flying bicycle, a conventional two wheeled bicycle that convert into an easy operate aircraft required no licence to fly and capable of altitudes of up to 4,000ft.

two years is spent on developing an advanced prototype and testing it on the ground and in the air and maker need £50,000 to finalize the design so you can buy it off the shelf.

Even by making a pledge of £1 you’ll be playing your part in bringing this exciting project to life.

You can also see the electric bicycle 

88843 Here is the world first flying bicycle Paravelo

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How does it work?

At the heart of the design is a bicycle that tows a lightweight trailer carrying a powerful fan.

The lightweight design folds to a size small enough to carry into a house or apartment for storage.

To fly, the bike docks with its trailer, a flexible wing is unfurled and an electric starter motor fires up the biofuel-powered fan.

Once airborne, the paravelo flies at speeds of 25mph for up to three hours at a time. It can take-off from any open ground clear of obstructions – a football pitch-sized area is ideal.

One vehicle – 4 ways to use it

1. Ride
Use  bicycle as other bike use as usual . Fold it up to store or carry on the bus, train or metro.

2. Tow
Hitch the air frame trailer to the bike and you’re ready for expedition, flight and adventure. Designed to carry the powerful motor, the air frame trailer also houses the wing, fuel and any additional supplies you’ll need.

3. Fly
The bike docks with its air frame trailer to form a para-trike configuration for optimum expedition autonomy. In this set-up you can carry all the equipment you need to ride, fly and camp.

Alternatively, detach the bike and air frame trailer and wear the powerful fan on your back for a foot launch. This set-up gives improved performance in the air and allows for take off in higher and changeable wind conditions. In most territories, no licence required to fly in this configuration.

4. Flamp
Use the optional tent to fly / camp – we call it flamping. Ride your bike out of the city, fly, pitch your tent. Detach the bike to explore or fetch supplies.

88846 Here is the world first flying bicycle Paravelo


Via : kickstarter



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