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Sohail is CHIEF EDITOR working recently in NEC CORPORATION as Senior Engineer. I am working in telecom and IT industry more than 15 years. (CNNA,CCIE Security,Linux,Voice over IP,Microwave,windows etc)
and love to cover various elements of the technology industry,and digging into larger trends and tracking down scoops. currently cover elements of the All techs.

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We write articles and t analyze the media and social networks. Then the most important is going to the pages of the internet. Readers receive information faster and more accurately than others. .

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The online magazine “HybridTechCar» (hybridtechcar.com) – daily illustrated edition, publishes information and entertainment content.

The basis of the content of the news from the world of photographic material of art, AUTO,design, nature, technology, leisure, business, entertainment, and other things. The project was launched in August 2013 and today is one of the best resources of this type.

Log is maintained in the form of a blog – the most popular and convenient format for reading news.

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Gandhara impex PVT LTD

千葉県野田市木間ケ瀬2385番40 Japan

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千葉県野田市木間ケ瀬2385番40 Japan

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