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15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

The housing market can be divided into normal, where real estate is bought and sold ordinary mortals, and exclusive, where the rich and famous spend enormous sums for the purchase of palaces with an area greater than that of the zoo. We bring you 15 of such houses in the US, which can be purchased now.


1473318610 01 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

New York – a state of mind
How much will life in the heart of New York City? It all depends on the real estate. How about an entire floor in an apartment building? This luxury will cost you only $ 85 million. This unique accommodation on the 45th floor of a building on 42th street – not just a typical Manhattan apartment. It includes all nine apartments on each floor, so there really is where to turn. The owner also offers the potential new owners extra buns, including a yacht worth $ 1 million with five years of paid fees, two cars Rolls-Royce Phantom, one year of paid seats in the front row at all the games Brooklyn Nets and paid on a removable summer cottage in the Hamptons.


1473318640 02 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

The star of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills still attracts the rich and famous and is a Mecca for the Hollywood elite. It is here and is legendary manor singer and actress Cher, which today can be purchased for $ 85 million. own territory extends over an impressive 25 km long and includes five stables for horses, kilometers of horse trails and two fenced area for walking. The area of the main house is 2000 square meters, in the territory of the same is an additional guest house.


1473318657 03 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

sunset dream
This glamorous property is located in an exclusive part of Sunset Boulevard, which is often called the “Platinum Triangle”. In one and a half acres of land is a house of 2000 square meters, which includes 17 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms and a home theater area of 600 square meters. The area is also located five luxurious gardens, a huge swimming pool and a perfectly groomed trees.

1473318684 04 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Oasis in Florida
Village of Key Largo in Florida has always been famous for particularly expensive property, and this property is no exception. Initially, it was estimated at $ 110 million, but after two years on the market price fell to $ 95 million. The house itself can not boast a particularly large amount (of 500 square meters), but ASIC has in the territory are still numerous cottages and marina for 20 boats.

1473318621 05 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

exclusive refuge
Martha’s Vineyard – a real beauty and refinement Reserve. Unique property, on all sides surrounded by the magical nature, is in Massachusetts. Most of the area around the house is included in the protected area, and therefore, the future owner of the house will be the owner of a personal refuge. The property, which is called “the kingdom on the ocean”, occupies 126 acres and includes a large house, a guest house, private beach 400 meters away, a tennis court, swimming pool, horse riding and a giant pond. Buy this property can be only $ 100 million!


1473318660 06 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Life on Long Island
Real Estate in Long Island differs very high prices, and this luxury facility in King’s Point is no exception. The property price of $ 100 million includes three palatial residences, several indoor pools, “lazy river”, bowling alley, a tasting room, a beauty salon, a wine cellar and, of course, a casino. Add to this a further 13 bedrooms and 35 bathrooms, and it’s not to mention the private berth for the yacht.


1473318610 07 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Welcome to Neverland
The infamous ranch of Michael Jackson sold under the name «Sycamore Valley Ranch», but it’s all the same ranch Neverland. After the death of the owner of the famous manor lost its exotic animals and amusement, and turned from Disneyland similarity to the traditional large-scale property. Over 100 million customers can buy the legendary ranch, which includes a house with an area of 1200 square meters, a tennis court, a cinema for 50 people, two lakes, a basketball court, swimming pool, guest house and, of course, the railway and the railway station.


1473318696 08 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Synecdoche, New York
If you want to live in close proximity to Central Park, you’ll have to fork out serious. For example, this duplex is located in the heart of New York, is estimated at $ 120 million. House on 5th Avenue offers stunning views of Central Park, a huge library, four-meter vaulted ceilings, 20 rooms and, of course, a wine cellar.


1473318642 09 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

On the shore of the ocean
It’s hard to describe the beauty and tranquility that prevails in Santa Barbara, but not in vain this place as a second home opt Hollywood rich and famous. Specifically, this property is located in the heart of Santa Barbara, Montecito. 100 hectares of land is headed by a huge mansion area of 3000 square meters. The property was designed in 1931, so the basic building supplement 10 houses and stables. This is the place – ideal for those who want to live in the most fantastic place on earth, and can afford to pay $ 215 million.


1473318610 10 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

This first-class property in Beverly Hills earlier belonged to the late comedian Daniel Thomas. This mansion is an area of 1700 square meters has unthinkable luxurious interior in the Moorish style – which stand alone Baccarat chandeliers (correct answer: $ 2.5 million).This house is in an ideal location, great design, 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms can be yours for only $ 135 million.


1473318645 11 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

The estate in the Hamptons
The famous suburb of New York City has long been known that here only the cream of society. The property is worth a fortune, so that only the rich can afford to live in the Hamptons. In this exclusive mansion on the shore has it all – a tennis court, a magnificent swimming pool, jacuzzi, private pond, a giant four bedroom guest house and lush green forests and lawns, which shield the house from the outside world.

1473318660 12 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

love Palace
Potential buyers are waiting for the deal of the century: once the palace was estimated at $ 195 million, but now it can be bought for just $ 149! The house was designed by renowned architect mega-mansions Mohammed Hadid. Who stretched on 10 hectares of the property owned by the investor Jeff Greene. House area of 3250 square meters accompanied by an entertainment center (1400 square meters), which includes a bowling alley, a cinema for 50 people, a rotating dance floor, and a winery. By the way, a vineyard in the area produces about 500 cases of wine per year.


1473318647 13 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

LA Style
If you want a real taste of the Hollywood lifestyle, then this house in Los Angeles for you. It stands on land that previously belonged to the property of Barbara Streyzend. This house is ideal for parties – in addition to the gorgeous view over the canyon, this house boasts its own entertainment center, private movie theater, wine room, spa and parking space for 60 guests. The residence can be yours for only $ 150 million.

1473318702 14 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Slice of Versailles
This impressive mansion in Hillsboro Beach, which was modeled on the Palace of Versailles, covers 5600 square meters and embodies all the beauty of the king’s life. 2 hectare property include a marble staircase at the cost of $ 2 million, the design elements of mosaic gold worth $ 3 million, a huge underground garage and the first private IMAX theater in the world. Guest house and entertainment center is only in the plans, but the property is now available for only $ 159 million.


1473318698 15 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)

Florida Heart
The head of our list of huge mansion worth $ 195 million. Private property on the ocean occupies 6.5 hectares of land and includes a house with 33 bedrooms and 47 bathrooms, a private beach 400 meters away, a botanical garden with more than 1,500 species of tropical trees and plants, sports facilities and even a tree house. Directly mansion was built in 1940 and once belonged to Gloria Guinness, style icon and one of the “lebedushek” Truman Capote.


1473318666 16 15 most expensive US homes for sale (16 photos)



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