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15 ideas for travel in Serbia (15 photos)

“Lovely, inexpensive, no sea, all play tennis,” – if you think this is all that can be said about Serbia, we will surprise you. In the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, you will feel the characters Pavic and Kusturica visit the music festival in the military fortress, learn to shoot lightning method of Nikola Tesla and taste the most delicious raspberries in the world.


Ancient Belgrade Fortress to the picturesque park at the foot of – perhaps the main attraction of the capital of Serbia. Bastions laid nearly two thousand years ago and rebuilt many times, but a predatory grin teeth fortress walls looks ominously still. In the face of the clock tower natikalo for more than 300 years, and Despotovoy tower offers spectacular views of one of the oldest parks in Europe, at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, but what can I say – the whole Belgrade! We advise to look into a local military museum and restaurant “Kalemegdanskaya Terrace”, where enjoyed the pecan pie protagonists Milorad Pavic “Landscape painted with tea.”

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In Paris Montmartre in Belgrade has a younger brother – the bohemian quarter of Skadarlija. At the end of XIX – early XX century, it had fun, suffered and gushed ideas of artists, actors and musicians – and the warm atmosphere are not eroded so far. Come fish out into the street Skadarska treasures from antique shops, stroll through art galleries and, of course, to try raki with Shopska salad in a cozy Kafan to the accompaniment of live music. We highly recommend one of the oldest restaurants in the Serbian “three hats” were happy with Jimi Hendrix, Anatoly Karpov and Spanish King Juan Carlos. And if you are in Belgrade, photo hunt, we recommend to visit the quiet morning Skadarlija: colorful houses, ivy, wrought iron bench in the first rays of the sun and the colorful old men-players – the perfect subject for a picture.
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Royal Palaces

Podsmotrena as live Serbian Karadjordjevic kings, one of the youngest palace complexes in Europe.
The main residence of the Crown Prince Alexander II – the Royal Palace with interiors resembling the Moscow Kremlin and the White Palace – a kind of monarch villa, where the whole family lives in the summer. Tours of the palace chambers held on weekends from April to October. To see the mahogany furniture by Thomas Chippendale, an ancient globe from Vincenzo Coronelli, Venetian chandeliers and French tapestries of the XVII century, paintings of Bruegel and Veronese or even – who knows, maybe you are lucky? – Themselves of the royal family, you need to register in advance on the website.
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Nikola Tesla Museum

Being the home of Nikola Tesla and not look into his museum – blasphemy. In the end, after 15 years have we all rustling along the roads in cars bearing his name. Interactive museum, nothing to do with the dusty zastekolem full plates “do not touch” and “not breathing” – the air is literally electrified inventions and personal belongings of the legendary physicist. With only one Tesla coil can feel like Zeus, tossing lightning, and Jedi in the hands of an ordinary fluorescent lamp which turns into a lightsaber.
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In Belgrade, opposite the Catholic Church has a restaurant with a tentative title “?”. First owner wanted to call the institution austere – “The Cathedral”, but turned against the diocese. Then over Kafanov hanged temporary sign Znak Pitanja («question mark”). But as usual, there is nothing more permanent than temporary: in 2023 the name 200 years old. And all these years are delicious cooked sausages chevapchichi minced meat, pleskavitsa – Balkan steak with warm baked cream (prisolennye thick cream) and veshalitsu (chop stuffed with spices). Wash down dinner or a brandy made soft corn Bozoi.
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Serbian beaches

Sea Serbia did not, but river and lake beaches – a dime a dozen. Welcome to the island park Ada Ciganlija on the Sava River in Belgrade! Serbs love Ada 7 kilometers of clean pebble beach and inspiring landscapes. In summer there is swimming, sunbathing, picnics, water-ski, play volleyball and golf. In winter, Ada Ciganlija is transformed into a skating rink.
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Beach Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade

The largest beach on the Danube – Strand – is located in Novi Sad, near the bridge of Liberty in the Liman quarter. Input from May 15 until September 15 costs 35 dinars, sandy coast, things can be left in the storage room, change clothes – in comfortable booths. And yet there are not only fed boiled corn, nuts and ice cream, but palanchinkami – pancakes with different fillings.
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Serbian Baden-Baden from the XIX century is considered the lake Palic. Hot artesian springs and curative mud bottom turned this picturesque place in one of the best SPA-resorts in Eastern Europe.Come to Lake Palic improve health, fishing, horse riding and learn rasprobovat local wines. And in July, right at the lake, you can still see a good European cinema.
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Petrovaradin Fortress

Impregnable Petrovaradin Fortress above the Danube in the XVII century Novi Sad sheltered from the invasion of the Turks, and in the XXI century – from the invasion of music fans: the city authorities allowed to carry out far-sighted in the fortress is one of the best music festivals in Europe – EXIT. The festival began in 2000 as a political protest, but quickly lost its revolutionary connotations and gained worldwide fame as a celebration of great music. Every year in mid-July at Petrovaradin fortress arrange a dozen scenes, which are the stars of almost all musical genres. On the main stage at different times we played Arctic Monkeys, Moby, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Placebo, Jamiroquai, Snoop Dogg, Massive Attack, Slayer. Why, he Iggy EXIT once honored by their presence.
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Fruska Gora

15 km from Novi Sad dense forests on the mountain ridge Frushskoy reliably hide the spiritual center of Serbia – 16 Orthodox monasteries. Places quite marvelous: for one trip, you can get acquainted with the medieval religious architecture, feed the deer, see the black stork, try lime or chestnut honey in the apiary, and just relax.
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Tower of skulls

There are in Serbia and a place for fans of “dark tourism”. Low Tower Skull Tower on Mount Chegar 2.5 km from the town of Nis – a sinister monument to confront the Serbs and Turks. In 1809, about a thousand Serb soldiers led by Stephen Sindzhelicha chose to blow himself up, but would not get in the Turkish captivity. From skulls magistrates and his fellow Turks built a tower, and the skin was sent to the Sultan in Constantinople as a trophy. Today the tower survived only 58 skulls and to maintain an eerie relic of brow-Kuloi built a chapel.
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In the suburb of the same niche is interesting to look at the well-preserved villa of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Ancient Roman luxury catches the eye: there are spacious peristyle with marble columns and baths, and reliefs on the pilasters, and the frescoes and mosaic floors. The local museum contains a collection of statues of Roman gods and utensils, which may be fed roasted pheasant and foie nightingale tongues for the emperor.
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City Devils

Serbian nominee for the title of one of the seven new wonders of the world, City of the Devil – is a quaint geological park 27 kilometers from Kursumlija. Once or explain the origin of these two hundred earthen pillars that now and then change the shape and size! According to one legend, it is petrified church destroyed by the devil, on the other – God punished the two men who, having drunk water from unclean sources, arranged marriage between brother and sister. In fact, however, everything is quite prosaic: instead of the devil – soil erosion, instead of God – atmospheric pressure, wind, rain and temperature changes. But what effect! And for the most vivid impressions suggested to come here at night.
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Djerdap National Park

At the border with Romania stunning stretches of Serbia Djerdap National Park. How is it nice? Firstly, Dzherdapskim gorge, through which flows the Iron Gates of the Danube. Second, the “green community” for hundreds of species and thousands of plant species. Thirdly, parking Mesolithic hunters Lepenski Vir – 6000 years BC, for a moment! Fourth, the Trajan bridge – the longest bridge of antiquity, spread to 103-105 years through Istra (Danube) to the east of the Iron Gate. Finally, the fifth reason to visit the park Djerdap – a medieval golubac fortress, which can be up to forty minutes to reach on foot from Golubac, or even faster – ride to. The best views of the castle open to the lazy waters of the Danube, so try to negotiate with the local fishermen on the short boat photo tour.


Railroad Sharganska Osmitsa

An aerial view of a winding mountain railway of Serbia looks like a figure eight, for which he was named. From 1925 until 1974 Sharganska Osmitsa connected the Bosnian Serb Visegrad and Uzice.In 2003, the road was restored and turned into a retro attraction for lovers of pumping stations, semaphores and vintage locomotives. The tourist season lasts from April 1 to October 31, the train departs from the station Mokra Gora 2 times a day – at 10:30 and 13:30, but with a strong influx of wanting to start up additional flights at 08:00 and 16:10. All travel through 22 tunnels, 5 bridges, and God knows how many emerald hills will take a maximum of 2.5 hours. Although the station Golubichi of the famous film by Emir Kusturica train is just a couple of minutes, you may have time to experience life as a miracle.
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Ethnovillage Drvengrad

Drvengrad, Kusturica built for the filming of “Life is a Miracle”, deserves more than 2 minutes. Placer native Serbian houses that were built without a single nail, the director himself calls a 4-star hotel of the city ethnographic. And as in any self-respecting city, Drvengrad there is a museum, library, art gallery, restaurant, pastry shop, a cinema and even a tiny jail, the doors of which are shown “prisoners” – Javier Solana, and George W. Bush. Imbued with the national temper and personal sense of humor Kusturica here easier than ever: an authentic circle pattern and cute bast scenes, streets bear the names of Tarkovsky, Fellini, Mikhalkov and Maradona, and the Church of Saint Sava ironically located on the square of Nikola Tesla. By the way, the chance to meet the very Kusturica in Drvengrad high: the director often comes here, especially during festivals in August, and the Festival “Kustendorf” in January.
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Crimson Field

Did you know that almost a third of the raspberries in the world gather in Serbia? Extensive raspberry plantations cover the south of the country and the world recognized as the capital of raspberry aryl town 195 km from Belgrade. Come and feast “red gold” among the turbulent streams and lush landscapes!
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