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10 football superstitions (10 photos)

RIVER Crocodiles

The tragic incident occurred in Zimbabwe with the players of the local club “Midland Portland Cement.” Players received from the local installation wizards that to win a match in the future they will certainly need to cross the Zambezi River, where, by the way, is found a lot of crocodiles. In the swim went seventeen players, but one of them did not manage to return to shore alive. Unfortunately, the ill-fated swim did not help the team win.
1401985461 1 10 football superstitions (10 photos)

1401985391 2 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Rwanda goalkeeper Muhamud Mossi during the match against Uganda felt that his team wants to win to prevent evil spirits and to scare them away, lit a fire right at the gate. More than half of the inning opponent tried to put out the fire, which is already almost spilled into the stands. Unknown whether Uganda prevented the fire or something else, but she lost her match 1-0.

1401985460 3 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Lucky charm club “Alania” of local Vladikvakaza became a grandmother who once waved the players hand when they prezzhali past her on the bus for the next match. At this meeting, Alania won, then certainly the club decided to find my grandmother and asked her to wave the players every time they drive past. Since then, the driver never changes from the base of the route to the stadium.

Scapegoat “COLOGNE”
1401985390 4 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Symbol of the German club “Cologne” since the fifties was a kid, quite specific animal with a pedigree. In one of the seasons when the team played particularly badly the club decided that the blame for it all just miserable goat, and placed under house arrest order. Fans found out about it, staged a rally in his support, and the goat was released.

1401985446 5 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Players Bulgarian “Locomotive” from Plovdiv 2010-2011 season went on a real pagan rite, if only their team sopustvovala luck. Before the start of the second round of the national championship players sacrificed lamb on their home stadium field. Goalkeepers team anointed his blood goal post, which would, in their view, to miss as little as possible goals. And yet, in the championship team won fourth place.

1401985471 6 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Before the semi-final game of the Spanish team with Russia at the European Championships in 2008 specifically for the Spanish fans was released a set for the ritual, common in the voodoo cult. In each of the sets was a doll depicting Russian football, and four pins, which fans had to prick the doll. Spaniards in the meeting easily won 3-0, however if players feel some pressure of the Russian team of supernatural forces unknown.

1401985439 7 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Perhaps the most bizarre ways preparing for the Games team at the World Cup Chile 1962. The players and the coach was a curious theory that to win over rival deep need to know his soul. So before the game, all players with Italy ate pasta with Swiss cheese upotrebyali in writing, and on the eve of the match with the USSR were drinking vodka. While Chileans were quite successful, defeated the Soviet team, and reached the semifinals, where they met with the Brazilians. Before the game, the players all like one hard one drinking coffee, but apparently led Brazil with Pele was so strong that the signs have not acted, and Chileans in the finals were not included.

1401985474 8 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Directly confronted with supernatural powers by the Brazilian club players “Vasco da Gama” back in 1937. Then the team played very confident in the local championship and one of the matches the team beat modest “Andarai” with a score of 12:0. One of the fans so offended by the team that stole the night at its stadium and buried on the dead frog with wishes for “Vasco da Gama” is not exactly winning the championship so many years how many goals they scored his favorites.
Learn about the curse rukvoditeli first club did not take history seriously, but season after season, Vasco da Gama, though, and was one of the strongest teams in the country, could not win the title. To remove the curse zloschastnoe in the course were sorcerers, astrologers, and most Fans offers a lot of money. However, the spell was kept for a long time and only in 1945 (eleven years after the last championship) team received the coveted title.

1401985428 9 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Notorious for a long time enjoyed the southern stadium locker room “Millennium” in Cardiff. The fact is that since the opening of the 1999 team occupies the south of the stadium locker room is always defeated. After the eighth defeat in a row, and the stadium did not stand and invited a feng shui master to that “clean” room. But in the next meeting of the team, “Cambridge”, which fell to occupy southern Svema opponent lost the locker room with the score 1:4.Suffered from the curse of the locker room and London Chelsea, who lost in the final of the FA Cup against Arsenal.
Only in the eleventh game and the team fell spell “Stoke City”, which has won the south locker room defeated. “Believe it or not, – said the coach after the game – but I did want to be in the south locker room. And he was very happy when she got us a lot. I was looking forward to breaking the curse. “

1401985467 10 10 football superstitions (10 photos)Former France coach Raymond Domenech has relied not only on the quality of game players, but also on their zodiac sign, for which he earned the nickname “the astrologer.” For some reason it did not involve a team of players born under the sign of Scorpio. But on the contrary, he sympathized with the Lions, considering that they especially look good in defense. They say that for this reason he did not take to the World Cup 2006 Robert Pires, though the team still performed very well, reaching the final.



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