10 advanced military technology and gadgets

Presents a selection of the most interesting technologies that are already in the next 10 years will give the army a new look. 



bhphoto headgear 4print 37 2100 10 advanced military technology and gadgetsSmart Helmet HEaDS-UP
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VR helmet Oculus Rift for tankista


In 2013, as part of a campaign on Kickstarter kraudfandingovoy was presented  a virtual reality helmet project Oculus Rift, which grossed $ 2.4 million


Recently it became known that the Oculus Rift can be used not only in games. On military training ground in the small town of Rena (Norway) driver, testing the device to drive a tank in a virtual reality helmet that gives an overview of all 360 degrees around the car. In the short term will be superimposed on the image supporting information. Thus you can avoid hitting the car in the field.Moreover, the cost of the prototype Oculus Rift is 50 times smaller than existing systems special cine.


maxresdefault 8 10 advanced military technology and gadgetsOculus Rift

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“Smart” gun Armatix iP1


“Smart”  gun  caliber 22 iP1, developed by U.S. company Armatix, created with the aim of reducing the incidence of kidnapping of weapons as well as its use in public places. Weapon comes with special hours – between them produced RFID. You can pull the trigger only if not more than 35 inches from the weapons are watches with a chip RFID. When the LED lights up green on the gun – it means that you can shoot a gun. In the U.S., it is already possible to buy a gun Armatix iP1 is priced at $ 1,399. Hours are not included in this amount and are sold separately – for $ 399.


Armatix iP1

© Armatix


Flying Car Black Knight Transformer


California-based Advanced Tactics unveiled a prototype flying machine, called Black Knight Transformer . She not only rides on the roads, but also by means of screws can take off vertically.The car can carry up to 8 people, but imprisoned in the first place, the delivery of the wounded from the battlefield.


Black Knight Transformer can reach speeds of 370 km / h for 19 hours hanging in the air. Car whose body will resemble the hull, will move not only the earth, but also on the water.

SMARTGUN SET 2 6544 10 advanced military technology and gadgets

Black Knight Transformer

© Advanced Tactics


Suit “Iron Man”


Last year, Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) U.S. Army, inspired by Hollywood blockbuster “Iron Man”, has placed a request for developing the concept of future assault gear.


TALOS exoskeleton designed to make soldiers stronger, fitter, faster, stronger and more knowledgeable opponents. It will not be equipped with artificial intelligence and will not allow to fly through the air or swim under water. Thus, the basic component of future equipment – exoskeleton that make soldiers stronger and hardier.


Prototype completed very soon, but in a series of exoskeleton will not earlier than 2018.

original 4 10 advanced military technology and gadgets

Presentation prototype TALOS



XStat stop bleeding


In order to control bleeding startup RevMedx developed concept Xstat. Authors of the project offer zalatyvat wounds on the human body as a hole in the rubber tire. In wound injected rubber sponge diameter slightly more than a centimeter. 15 seconds it automatically straightened and stops blood loss.

xstat 10 advanced military technology and gadgets


© RevMedx


Reconnaissance UAV RQ-180


Drone RQ-180, developed by the U.S. military-industrial company Northrop Grumman, for the day may be in the air. UAV designed for air reconnaissance under the action of a developed system of air defense and air enemy. The drone is equipped with technology to reduce the visibility of the radar.USAF RQ-180 will arrive next year.

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UAV RQ-180

© Aviation Week


Invisible in the infrared camouflage


Specialists from the University of California created a new infrared camouflage coating based reflectin – structural protein, through which squid reflects light and changes its color.


Scientists got thin optical films, highlighting in vitro protein. Film, interacting with certain chemical activator reflectivity changes, disappearing in the light of an infrared camera. In the future, the researchers plan to create a universal fabric, capable of dynamically changing the color and texture depending on the surrounding conditions.

800px PEO ANAVS 6 NVG large verge medium landscape 10 advanced military technology and gadgets

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Marine electromagnetic cannon


Naval Office of the United States for 10 years has created an electromagnetic gun, which cost the agency $ 250 million in the prototype gun propels 23 – pound projectile to speeds exceeding the speed of sound in 7 times, and its range is 150 kilometers. Key features of electromagnetic gun – low cost and safety. Rockets for railgun do not need explosives and are 20 times cheaper than usual.Already in 2017 the development of naval ships appear on the U.S. Navy.


Smart Helmet HEaDS-UP


Experimental military helmet HEaDS-UP, created by the American company Revision Military, aimed at strengthening the protection of the head. For this purpose, use of the latest materials and extra flap that covers the face and chin. In addition, the problem of the helmet also includes a reduction of brain injury (helmet acts as a sport shoe with airbags and absorbs bounces) and integration functions of augmented reality. Cost HEaDS-UP is $ 2,000.


bhphoto headgear 4print 65 1400x2100 300 rgb 10 advanced military technology and gadgets© Revision Military


Pizza with a three-year shelf life


Recently, American scientists from the Massachusetts military laboratory working to order U.S. Defense Department,  invented  pizza with a three-year shelf life, which can be stored without refrigeration.


The main problem encountered by the scientists who are developing the product for two years, was the fact that the moisture from the tomato paste and cheese eventually permeated the dough, creating conditions for mold and germs. With excess moisture researchers managed by increasing the content of water-retaining products such as sugar, salt and syrup.


Experts have developed a special metallized packaging and storage of pizza – in the package insert of iron added to the metal remnants of oxygen absorbed in it.

814a607332c946c49bd174a20f05c823 0 10 advanced military technology and gadgets

Pizza with a three-year shelf life

© Steven Senne / AP



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