Video: 4-year-old girl entrusted Volvo truck on the remote control

Volvo car manufacturer has removed advertising, which entrusted the management of the truck four-year girl, located at a safe distance from the site. In two days the video clip scored 1.2 million views. While driving a truck overturned truck Sofia and destroyed the building. No one was hurt.

Volvo uses the system to manage the truck in difficult conditions: it is four-wheel drive with automatic connection of the front axle for a truck Volvo FMX. The front axle is used only when needed, which reduces fuel consumption and improves handling. In the video the company has tried to show that control the truck with this system may be a child, and that the truck slid into a ditch and turned over several times, can go ahead and break the single-storey building . In 2013 the company advertised its transport control, removing the clip to Youtube, where Jean Claude Van Damme got on the splits between two riding reversing trucks. Video two years has gained over 81 million views.

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