Touching stories that will put you faith in humanity

by Sohail January 18, 2014 at 7:55 pm

In the world every day something bad happens, and the media are trying to focus attention on this: crises, accidents – all this on the front pages of magazines. But we want to start the new year with a good event and open your heart to them.

Best boss in the world

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Michael De Beyer was the owner of the restaurant and bar «Kaiserhof» in Texas for 17 years. There’s also worked 19-year-old Brittany Mathis. Everything went on as usual until Mathis did not find that on her feet rash. Analyses indicated a terrible diagnosis – a brain tumor. Learning about the issues the employee, the employer has sold his restaurant with a bar and paid for treatment of girls. For your business De Beyrer rescued about two million dollars. Former restaurateur told reporters that since he was not the case, then intends to devote more time to his wife and children.

The best hockey team in the world

Charity event on the first day of December – Junior Hockey League tradition of Canada (WHL). In a duel of the league after the first of goals, fans throw on the ice teddy bears.These toys are handed out to children in need. This year the rain teddy bears tore Ukrainian striker «Calgary Hitmen» Paul Padakin. His precise shot into the goal «Medicine Hat Tigers» collected 25,921 bears.

The most touching apology

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sent a note to the store and two pounds sterling in compensation for what broke the trading floor Christmas toy. Note reads: “Sorry, I broke Christmas ball on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here’s the money for it. Once again I’m sorry. Faith, five years. ” Money attached to the tape strips of colored paper that is adhered to the letter.

Happy Bear and his master

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Twitter users helped teddy bear lost on the train back home. Bear left on the train, who came to London Kingc Cross Station. His passenger was found Lauren Bishop Vrancea.She photographed the toy and put the picture in his microblog, saying that bear lost and waits to take home. Users of social networks spread information about the bear (message has gained more than six thousand retweets), and its announcement appeared on other sites. Eventually the picture toys stumbled father of her mistress, Ben Simpson.

Defender lobsters

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In Connecticut, a man bought the restaurant vosmikilogrammovogo lobster and instead eat it released into the ocean. To grow to a size of lobsters must live about 80 years. The man thought that the animal has earned the right to enjoy the rest of your life in the home environment.

Squirrel found a family

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Nick Radford found frozen squirrel in the woods and decided to save him. He brought him home, he arranged the corner with a basket-burrow, fed from a syringe and introduced with their two dogs, those willing to take care of the baby.

Brave boy

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11-year-old boy from Brazil stopped traffic – he wanted to save a wounded puppy. Driver knocked down and the dog had not stopped to help – this often occurs in the busy city roads Itajai in Brazil. The boy managed to divert your pet with Hani busy highway.

A gift from the heart

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The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates became a “Secret Santa” wearer Internet resource Reddit. By Christmas he gave Joe Rachel plush cow. In greeting card explaining that a toy cow – the only part of the gift. On behalf of the girls entrepreneur made a donation to the charity Heifer International, and represents a real toy cow, which will be bought by the money for a needy African family. In addition, learning of the posts Rachel that she loves to travel, Gates also gave the wearer’s National Geographic book describing the 500 best hiking trails.

Best gift for parents

Claire Koch, five year old girl from Florida, has arranged a surprise for his parents at New Year in kindergarten. The fact that her parents are deaf, so they dubbed it his speech in sign language.

Do not be afraid to show compassion

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A man plays the piano for the police. Kiev Evromaydan, 2013.

Rose for a soldier

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An anti-government protester holds out rose soldier during the protests in Bangkok, Thailand.

Young, but brave

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Girl stretches water police, Bosnia, in 2013.

So different, but so loving

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Formidable-looking predator cheetah timid by nature, most cheetahs leads a lonely life and does not admit to imagine anyone, which greatly complicates the process of reproduction in captivity. Ironically, the presence of dogs, cheetahs suffer much easier than the presence of other individuals of their species. Moreover, it allows to tame cheetahs instincts and make them more tolerant of people and cheetahs. Some cheetahs from the San Diego Zoo has a companion – a dog. They are taken mainly from shelters, and reduce the three-month cheetahs pups of the same age. The dog has a dominant position in the pair and serves as a model for the behavior, and also protects the ward. Since childhood, animals spend almost all our time together.

The happiest hedgehog in the world

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Darcy – the cute little hedgehog in the world. He lives in Tokyo, and his boss puts in instagrame ( @ darcytheflyinghedgehog ) heartwarming footage study the big world.

Dream Wedding

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Leslie Rivera of California is suffering from leukemia. So her family in November addressed to the fund “Make a Wish”, which takes the last dreams of terminally ill people. A desire Leslie was quite feasible, simple, but at the same time very touching – to marry her lover, who selflessly cared for her all this time. Girl wanted the ceremony was gorgeous, like in the movies, so Fund invited the famous showman David Tuteru for organizing a wedding. So thanks to the people close to the girl realized her dream, and the whole family have a reason to be happy and forget about problems.

Wear good people

Tips from the boy how to make the world better. For example, often say “thank you” or just tell people something nice.



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