The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)

1451566033 491 kopirovat The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)
A study was conducted in which to establish what the most popular gadgets among breakage. It turned out that most often the cause of malfunctions are still the owners of the device. Own carelessness, inattention make contact the service centers.
It dropped – first causes of breakdowns. Members gadgets, mobile phones are often inadvertently dropping them. As a result, the device stops working, it hangs. If the attack was on a hard surface, it is difficult to recover the device.

1451566043 490 kopirovat The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)
Utopia – is also one of the common causes of failure. After entering the liquid into the unit may be discarded. Very rarely, it can be repaired. During repair is necessary to change parts. The moisture that gets into the machine begins to destroy the pixels of the monitor. May occur circuit electrical circuits. This leads to serious malfunctions that can not be reversed. In such cases, it becomes a costly repair. If the fall does not always lead to failure, the water can simply destroy the gadget. You can link to see what damage there are laptops, phones.

1451566069 492 kopirovat The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)
Impact machine – such cases are also relevant. More than 8% of breakdowns due to the fact that the motor-vehicle moved gadget. Of course, then the device can only be discarded. The device is completely eliminated.
Overcooling or overheating output gadget failure. He begins to fail, hang, off. We have to send the device in for repair.
Pets and children – also become a cause of breakage. The animal can scratch apparatus bite. The gadget does not operate properly, and therefore it is necessary to refer it to the repair. The child can throw the device, scratching, biting device. Furthermore, it is still able to “work” on it, after which they can not be used. So do not trust the children gadgets, it’s costly.

1451566032 489 kopirovat The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)
The owner of the device may not be able to use it, for example, failure to charge the device, upload more files than you need, leave scratches on the surface of the screen. This leads to a malfunction. As a result, errors occur and have to turn to professionals.
To gadget was able to work longer, you must use it wisely. No shock, moisture, severe frosts and children. By following these rules, do not have to take the machine in for repair, and it will save money.

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