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The most beautiful places for hiking in Russia (10 photos)

In Russia, there are many beautiful places that are ideal for hiking trips. If you are not familiar with these places, then this post will tell you about 10 suitable locations, pleasing leisurely travelers for its beautiful scenery, unspoilt nature and historical identity. Kronotsky, Kamchatka. Waterfalls, lovely lakes, huge volcanoes, powerful geysers – all this incredible beauty is in the territory of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.Valley of Geysers has been recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of Russia, is one of the largest geyser field in the world and the only in Eurasia. A mighty volcano Kronotsky – spilled Fuji. The reserve plenty of interesting and unusual, but because there are plenty of hiking trails. One of the most well-known begins with the base at the foot of Karymskii. After a few days the tourists go to the Valley of Geysers through waterfalls and lakes.

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Diva Divnogorie. Chalk giants Divnogorie resemble stone spirits whether, or the guards guarding the steppe plateau in the Voronezh region, where the creek empties into the quiet Pine mighty Don. Place mysterious and known since ancient times. Locals call the pillars of divas (perhaps from the word “devas” – spirits, or perhaps just something wonderful, unprecedented). At the wonders do not stop there: right in the middle of the Cretaceous divah in the 17th century were amazing carved stone monasteries and churches. These unique structures are stored, it seems the spirit of antiquity and holiness. The monks lived here very austere: in stone cells of the temperature was the same in winter and summer – no more than 15 degrees.

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Curonian Spit. In the Curonian Spit (the Baltic Sea) travel only on foot, and in many places special planks – it is done in order not to disturb the wandering sands. There are several hiking trails – through the majestic Royal Forest, an amazing dancing forest, where pine trees have a bizarre shape to a height of Miller to the lake Swan on the local old lighthouse. You can get around them all in a few days.

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Alone with the tale of Kizhi. “Unbelievable fairytale domes” – so called the most famous church of Kizhi – the Transfiguration. Built in the early 18th century without a single nail, it looks like a song in the tree.There carry excursions, but the island is to stay on all day and walk around it – for good roads and signage.Grasslands under the endless sky, old huts and windmills – it’s northern Russia in miniature. If you’re lucky, you can get on one of the holidays that are in the set holds the local museum.

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Charmed Ergaki. Ergaki – a very peculiar region where towering cliffs, giants and grow dense forests.Exotic scenery and a bit unreal, it seems, somewhere there is a hut of Baba Yaga. Ergaki – Natural Park in the Western Sayan. The uniqueness gives them a lot of lakes with clear water and bizarre rocky peaks that for its unusual shape were named Dragon’s Tooth, Bird, Parabola (pictured). The main ways to explore the Ergaki pass through the lake Rainbow and bright, in the vicinity of which are equipped for tourist campsites.

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Around Baikal. No other in Russia as the famous lakes like Lake Baikal. Huge, majestic and unique – that’s about it composed songs and legends. Surprising transparency of its emerald-green waters and the rugged beauty of the coasts make a lasting impression. For starters, for a small (15 km), but the scenic route Listvyanka – Bolshie Koty. The trail goes through times steep bank, but it is equipped with stairs and small bridges. Interested parties can continue the journey, and on the shores of Lake Baikal they expect waterfalls, crystal mountain streams, ancient petroglyphs and rare animals. Here, a wonderful fishing and diving. For lovers of heights have the most beautiful mountain routes on the ridges of the Baikal region.

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Through the Caucasus Mountains to the Black Sea. Caucasus Nature Reserve is situated on the slopes of the Western Caucasus in the Krasnodar Territory in the Republic of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkessia.There are several hiking trails to suit all tastes: if you want – choose the snow-capped mountains, you want – the emerald valley. Here you can see the mountain streams and waterfalls, ancient graves and the Black Sea. One of the most “crowded” route – a pedestrian part of the famous “thirty”, the All-Union tourist route №30. From the village Lagonaki it goes through the ridge to the sea Stone shelter Fischt – a kind of tourist town high in the mountains, and then – to the sea.

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Walking on the Solovetsky Islands. Solovki – a true monument to the human spirit, holy and tragic place.Northern nature and in harmony with her strict construction of the Solovetsky Monastery beautiful special and sublime beauty. To penetrate these places (where, incidentally, was filmed “The Island” by Pavel Lungin) is not enough ordinary excursion – best walk around them. Hiking in 4-5 days in length passes through the Big Solovetsky Island, on a boat to travel to the other islands of the archipelago, including Balaam.

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Krasnoyarsk Pillars. Krasnoyarsk posts are spurs of the Eastern Sayan. In the midst of the dense taiga (tourists are not advised to go to the trails, there is a risk to meet by Michael Potapych) towering ancient rock’s most unusual forms, many of which resemble living beings: Father, Wolf forehead, Toad, Elephant.Around the post even had the subculture “stolbistov” that climb the rocks without insurance. At the one-day itinerary “Nature – the great sculptor,” you can admire the most legendary Pillars cliffs and beautiful views of the taiga.

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By the foot of Mount Belukha, Altai. Altai – it is an unforgettable beauty of mountainous country. “It seemed to me I see the living God, with all His power, beauty, and I felt ashamed that I, poor mortal, wanted to convey his image” – wrote about these places geologist Peter Chiharu. Routes to the foot of the highest and most beautiful mountains of Altai Belukha and to the fabulous Kucherlinskoye lakes are the most popular. These places are known as the mysterious country Belovode and very often – Russian Shambhala. They say they are filled with tremendous energy, and often come here to meditate and seek places of power. The route will take at least a week. Weeks of silence, majesty of the mountains and enjoy the stunning nature. Of course, this is not all surprising routes vast country! Tell me in the comments on how wonderful you ever travel the roads.

krasivaya rossiya 10 The most beautiful places for hiking in Russia (10 photos)


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