Solar energy

Marching phone with built-in charging from solar panels

The phone is not designed from the ground up, this article is about how to take a few ready-made components and build something new, with its modifications Photos for comparison with those that are on the market today. In his first “terrible” article I talked about his ideas regarding this phone. At that moment, I…

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Elon Musk – “Iron Man” in the real world

Elon Musk – one of the most prominent and active people of our time, who are changing the world. He is the co-founder of PayPal, founded SpaceX, Tesla Motors co-founder and SolarCity. He taught himself to design the space and rocket ships. It is compared with such geniuses as Wernher von Braun, Howard Hughes, Henry…

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Solar Energy: Suitcase energy for tourists

The roots of my love for tourism back to ancient times when I was the first year of life – then I was the first time my parents took a hike into the mountains. Years passed, geography, travel multiply and camp set remained about the same, except that the technique updated: tents were not the…

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