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by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Top 28 most beautiful Uzbek women (28 photos)

We offer a look at the Top of the most beautiful famous Uzbek women, which is based on the voting netizens, which lasted 4 months. 28. Singer Herod Nosirova 27. Svetlana (Oydyn) Norbaeva (born in 1944 in Tashkent) – film and stage...

by Sohail 2 years ago

Rating alcoholism regions of Russia (2 photos)

Together, the project “Sober Russia” and information communications center “Rating” was drafted “National rating of sobriety.” All regions were compared according to the degree of alcohol abuse, using...

by Sohail 2 years ago

The most beautiful Jewish world and La Juive

Jewish women from ancient times were known for their beauty and sexuality. Due to the rich history of the Jewish nation looks Jewish girls are quite diverse – among them you will find not only bright brunettes, but also natural blondes....