Dog runs on printed on 3D-printer prostheses forepaws

Derby was born with deformed front legs. The owners abandoned it and were going to give to a shelter, but the organization «Peace and Paws Dog Rescue» took the dog. Then, Derby came to the education of Tara Anderson, Director of 3D Systems.Now, thanks printed on 3D-printer paws Derby can run and sit, like any…

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As 3D-printed prosthetic limbs changes

Prosthetics – the best way to solve the problem of lack of human limbs. With the advent of 3D-printers in the development of a new stage of prosthetics. The number of companies that are engaged in the creation of 3D-printed limbs, increased several times. About the most interesting and promising of them read our review.…

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The prototype bionic prosthetic hand Artopro

Welcome! We are developing a project of robotic prostheses and traction of the upper extremities. In Russia, nearly one million people affected by the loss of one or more limbs. One in four of them – the children. This prosthesis allowing to replace not only the cosmetic appearance, but also the function of a limb,…

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