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by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Fashion experts recommend (5 photos)

Careless summer in flowing chiffon long since given way to a desire to dress warm and cozy. With the internet – shop “Sunny Bunny” you easily identify with the choice of models of women’s clothing size large winter...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Iranian women 40 years ago (13 photos)

Before the Islamists came to power in 1979, Iran has moved in the direction of modernization. Therefore, women of that time do not hesitate to demonstrate their body, while remaining within the bounds of decency.   ...

by Sohail 1 year ago

When the brands met a man (6 photos)

Very unusual and sarcastic kind project was developed by the Athenian artist-designer Haris Tsevisom (Charis Tsevis) from Athens, for the largest outdoor advertising operator in the world, Clear Channel. In the campaign there is a clear...

by Sohail 3 years ago

Vanessa Paradis in the magazine Madame Figaro, October 2013

French singer, actress and model Vanessa Paradis (Vanessa Paradis) shines in the October issue of the magazine Madame Figaro. The natural beauty of this girl is separated, in fact, from the very nature of a few fashionable dresses Chanel. Nature,...