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Koreans have learned to transmit electricity through the air Scientists leading the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and representatives of the Korean Railway Research Institute (KRRI) announced the successful testing of the new technology of wireless power transmission. So far, only on the railway. Testing was conducted at the station Osong. According to…

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Deep-sea bacteria fed clean electricity

Plants use photosynthesis with chlorophyll to generate electricity which is then stored in the form of sugars necessary for life. Plants receive energy from the sun. In animals, there is a different mechanism: they take electrons from the environment through a process called chemosynthesis: redox reactions which oxidize chemical compound rich in energy: inorganic, for…

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The remaining without light Sevastopol parents are fighting for the boy’s life, connected to a respirator (4 photos)

Mother of 11-year-old boy Vanya Plotnikov who breathes with the help of the respirator, told how they had to fight for her son’s life remain without electricity in Sevastopol. “My son is 11 years old, he has spinal muscular atrophy Werdnig-Hoffmann. He can not breathe on his own and is on artificial respiration on a…

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