Supercomputer homemade desigen (27 photos)

Robust design so confuse man. I have not seen a more elaborate computer.

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Outstanding programmers USSR Yekaterina Yushchenko Logvinovna

Catherine Logvinovna Yushchenko – the first woman in the Soviet Union, which became the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences through innovative advances in programming. She has worked with Europe’s first computer SECM, has created one of the first high-level languages ​​with indirect addressing while programming. It is thanks to its addressable language disappeared depending…

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The era of computer clubs (9 photos)

You probably remember those days of night and in the club, stroll lessons for playing your favorite games, the first creation of clans and battle for money, funny jokes, save for lunch at school to play at the club. I had a club on the site of the school, and I remember as a teacher…

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