Selecting the door for a specific architectural style (5 photos)

Modern architecture is democratic than ever before, it is alive and growing like a living organism. MIRDVEREY will help you to understand the abundance of styles, newfangled trends and tendencies, and most importantly, choose adifferent entrance door, which will not only perform its basic utilitarian function, but also decorate your house, are organically fit into…

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Commune Earthships – city cleaner housing recycled (16 photos)

In the town of Taos, New Mexico, USA, is a commune Earthships («Earth Ship”), built by the famous ekoarhitektorom Michael Reynolds. His first house Michael built in 1971 and has served as a building material for ordinary waste, mostly cans. He continued to build houses out of the garbage that can also provide its residents…

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Architect old granary turned into a comfortable house for his family (18 photos)

When the architect Christoph Kayser (Christoph Kaiser) came across an old unused granary, he realized it was the perfect place for a small house where he could live with his wife. He bought this building from one farmer from Kansas, and converted it into his house. Housing has turned a rather unusual, but very comfortable.

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