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by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

“Saturn 5”: how to lose rocket technology

The media are increasingly talking about the so-called “lunar conspiracy” conspiracy theory, which claims that the flight and landing on the moon as part of the space program “Apollo” were fabricated. Whether it...

by Sohail 2 years ago

Lunar microsatellite project: Questions and Answers

October 1, 2015 on the platform kraudfandingovoy Boomstarter to raise the funds on the study of the project to launch a spacecraft to lunar orbit and shooting Apollo landing sites and the “Lunokhod”. The project began enthusiasts,...

by Sohail 4 years ago

World’s smallest phone which fit in key chain

Mobile phones designed to look like car key fobs are being used by prisoners to keep in contact with the outside world as the number confiscated by authorities continues to rise. The tiny mobile phone measures in at around 8cm x 3cm x 2cm,...