Pirates promise to put in free access more than 40 top Hollywood movies

by hybridtechcar December 25, 2015 at 8:41 pm

1bf4f53324cba6e253b7236ef804268e Pirates promise to put in free access more than 40 top Hollywood movies

How, and I posted? (Source: Columbia Pictures)

As previously reported, recently the network has a copy of the latest release version of Hollywood movies. Among the films lined pirates – “Survivor,” “disgusting eight” and others. On the progress pirates are not going to stop. Soon the pirates promise to put more than 40 most popular films in the next few weeks. In general, Hollywood studios are not happy about this Christmas gifts. Laid out in the sharing movies pump hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. The exact number of downloads is difficult to assess, because the films have appeared on several resources, including closed. But it is safe to say millions of downloads. According to the company’s anti-piracy Excipio only “disgusting eight” have downloaded more than 1.3 million times in the first few hours.

Interestingly, films, and shred deprived votermarok and other markers that are typically used as identifiers. With their help, law enforcement can track the pirates. It is clear that the Hollywood film company is already involved in the investigation. In particular, it involved the FBI. Now it turned out that one of the films was sent on disk to one of the directors of the production company Alcon Entertainment Andrew Kosove [Andrew Kosove]. Kosov himself claims that the film did not receive. The Pirates have already stated that the films will be placed at intervals one film a day. The responsibility for the incident claimed the release group Hive-CM8. It runs for about five years, and over time the efforts of this group in the Network have been laid out such films as “The Social Network,” “The Hobbit,” “Interstellar” and others. Also involved in the release and the release of other groups.