Overheard on Friday, November 1, 2013

by Sohail November 1, 2013 at 4:18 pm

Recently wrote a story about his first sexual experience in a personal diary. A month later, my mother found the diary and wrote there his story ..) All the fun Mom: * ******

I know that Halloween has come, when my neighbor brutally fucks his mistress, and the apartment can hear the cries of “Yes, my vampire bite my lower even lower!” Each year the theme is different, the zombie, werewolf, that it was the turn of vampires. For nefig go to his wife, “handing out candy to children” … ******

The doorbell rings. I opened. Are the kids in costume fairies and say, “Give me candy!” I did not at first understand what was going on until I realized that the hard-‘s Halloween. What kind of arrogance? Could at least ask politely for nishtyakov ghouls. She said “no” and slammed the door. Now check to see if there is poo under the door) ******

Made a pumpkin for halloween, presented, that is someone’s head – carve it twice as interesting and enjoyable! ******

in a sex shop and bought a maid costume went to a party in a club, it turned out that the female staff of the club dressed like me. Half an hour trying to prove that I do not need a badge. At the end of the epic went from there, artistically drinking at the bar. After me came another 2 “waitresses” .. ******

We wanted to spend Halloween in college, but we were banned under the pretext that the Patriarch is not allowed to celebrate this holiday. have to listen to the man who flew with the icon of the Amur. ******

Hate when you drink tea with lemon, drink up it, picking up the cup and lemon herachit you on the nose! ******

compliments were many different, but here each gave something that had never heard of: “your roast potatoes, it is like … uh .. Sistine Chapel!” – Studying to be an architect)



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