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Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)

In our time, the love between convicts serving time in prison, and free law-abiding citizens are not uncommon. Sometimes it comes to weddings, and, how are these wedding watch and read on. Then the author’s text: In the area of women’s wedding does not happen. And if what happens, something about it immediately write in the newspapers: “Sensation! The man decided to link their lives with a lady who has three years to sit!” Recently, one such hero, even a documentary film was made, with the question: “Are not you scared?”, “How did you decide on this foolishness?”, Which sounded someone behind the scenes and with a lyrical melody in the finale: behold, they say that love people do.

savadbi v turmah 01 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos) savadbi v turmah 02 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)

On the women experiencing soft spot for guys who are “in places not so remote,” a film shoot often.Because nothing sensational in this, even the announcement of “Woman lawyer fell in love with the convict” now nobody will be surprised. This phenomenon is massive, almost every convicted person, and them in Russia million, is on the will of the wife, the bride or, in extreme cases, “zaochnitsa” – the one that writes the letter, throws off money for the phone transmits Malyava right people fussing about certificates and parole, goes on dates, patiently unfolds candy wrappers at each of those five kilograms, which can send the parcel. Waiting. Millions of women in love – try to take off on every movie.

savadbi v turmah 03 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos) savadbi v turmah 04 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)

They even have their own online forums are that creak from numerous messages like: “Girls, and somebody knows how many packets per year to be sent? I am his recently sent five cartons of cigarettes and tea does not fit.” There the bride and tell their stories of love, almost all of which begins with the phrase “Before that, he was sitting …” “We met when he came out of jail,” “He’s just released, he served two years for stealing … “.

savadbi v turmah 05 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos) savadbi v turmah 06 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)

That is the girls admit that from the beginning knew who they were dealing. But even then, they were not afraid, and now do not despair. Each has something like a motto, which supplies all of its comments. For example: “When I stop to wait for you, to love, to hope and believe that I will close tight windows, doors and just lay down to die.” Or: “To love the whole life of the same person – this is a gift, and it does not matter if you have to pay for it with patience of a lifetime. Agatha Christie.” Or even the verses: “We do not need words, do not need to play / just you and me and the whole night is not enough. / I’ve been waiting for so many days, I called you, / I cried for a long time, to find me …”

savadbi v turmah 07 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos) savadbi v turmah 08 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)


But once in the Perm colony 15 prisoners found their constriction and administration decided to register the marriage in one day. Natalia, 17-year-old beauty, married 24-year-old Eugene Taran, who was sentenced to 15 years for double murder. We met young people by correspondence, Natalia told reporters that “really wanted to marry her hare” and that her parents do not mind these relations, “the main thing – it’s love.” On freedom of hare will not soon, therefore, Natalia, probably need all these 15 years to share information with other girls at a specialized forum in the “I can not wait.”


In the colony, meanwhile approaching another party grooms. While they were in full swing supply their brides poems and essays on “My only” so that in the spring you can expect a new record for the number of marriages in the IR N 10. Actively looking for a bride and convicted of cannibalism Mikhail Malyshev. Sit him another 20 years, and Michael believes that this time any girl fall in love with it necessarily. Our girls good heart.

savadbi v turmah 11 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)

In fairness – not only ours. In other countries, too babonki stand in line to get married to his prisoners.

savadbi v turmah 12 Love and marriage in prisons (12 photos)


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