Kruglendar 2016 – poster-diary

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Friends, ready-round calendar 2016! Each year I draw a new kruglendar, I hang on the wall and write on it, draw everything interesting that is happening to me. Or going to happen. By the end of the year the poster becomes a historical thing and sent to the archive.

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  1. Download * .pdf site
  2. Print out and hang on the wall, near – tip pen.
  3. Sign any event, such as the appearance of kruglendarya.

As before, kruglendari free, the source code – to githabe.


This year, moved to python dzhavaskripte + d3.js. Ryboty useful functions for dates, objects svg (generators attribute g, for example) and SCALE. Now you can render a calendar in the browser without butting with python, versions and modules. At first, wanted to do something sudden, daring, playing with form. Tried pixel lines and diagrams Ravens. However, he returned to the idea of a rolling circle, put the numbers on the hypotrochoid. It is similar to last year’s hypocycloids, but the line without kinks, smooth. If you change a parameter r2 from 0 to r, hypotrochoid varies from circle to hypocycloid.

d726ce16c22449653cb2318822a199db Kruglendar 2016   poster diary
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ee678796dfe9ac28836a250b4add82cf Kruglendar 2016   poster diary

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