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The most incredible coincidence …

samantha lee 134 The most incredible coincidence ...




In the history of mankind there are cases so strange and striking coincidences that even the hardened skeptic has to wonder – and not a mystical destiny is destiny. </ Span>

Roman, predrekshy death of “Titanic”

This is one of the most mysterious and the most famous in the history of matches. In 1898, the novel was published by Morgan Robertson called “The Abyss”, the plot of which was invented by a writer. It tells the story of the death of a large ship “Titan” from the collision with the iceberg. Based on the novel from 3000 liner passengers escaped no one, despite the fact that the ship has 24 lifeboats. Morgan Robertson was a visionary – a transatlantic superliner “Titanic” sank at full speed and crashed into an iceberg, 14 years later. On the real “Titanic” was 2207 passengers and lifeboats – 20.Phenomenal coincidence – if you can call it a coincidence.

The phenomenon of American Presidents
samantha lee 135 The most incredible coincidence ...
This historical phenomenon is difficult to explain just a coincidence. Virtually all U.S. presidents who were elected in the year ending zero, suffered a tragic fate. Here’s the list: Abraham Lincoln – was elected in 1860, was killed, James Garfield – elected in 1880, mortally wounded, William McKinley – elected in 1900, was killed, John F. Kennedy – was elected in 1960, mortally wounded, William Harrison – elected in 1840, died of pneumonia Franklin Roosevelt – was elected in 1940, died of a stroke caused by polio; Warren Harding – elected in 1920, suffered a severe heart attack, Ronald Reagan – was elected in 1980, survived an assassination attempt.
Unlucky number for Louis XVI samantha lee 136 The most incredible coincidence ... 

French King Louis XVI as a child received a personal astrologer’s warning that 21 number for him – an unlucky day. Louis took the prediction is so serious that becoming king, never planned on 21 day no important cases. But it did not help him. In 1791, June 21, he was arrested by the revolutionary government of France, and in September, the number 21, in France, a republic was proclaimed. Louis XVI was executed in 1793, in January of the same 21 numbers.

Full Double King Umberto I

Umberto I, King of Italy, one day decided to have dinner in a small restaurant in Monza. Looking at the owner of the restaurant, the king was amazed – in front of him was a replica of his own. Name of the restaurant owner was Umberto, his wife’s name as well as the wife of the king. Not only that, the restaurant was opened in the day when the coronation Umberto I. Marvel at this incredible coincidence, the king was often to drop in at a cozy restaurant. Once he was notified that the restaurant owner was killed by the accidental discharge. To express their condolences to the king did not – he was shot by an anarchist in the crowd that surrounded the carriage.

Mark Twain and Halley’s Comet
samantha lee 137 The most incredible coincidence ...
The great writer Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) was born November 30, 1835. It was the day flew by the Earth comet Halley. Of course, the same day were born and many others. But somehow writer seriously believed that his destiny is tied up with the comet. In his note said: “I came into this world with Halley’s comet, probably when it will appear the next time I disappear along with it.” Incredibly, the writer died in 1910, on a day when Halley’s Comet again closer to the Earth.

‘Spy’ crossword

In 1944, in a popular newspaper “Daily Telegraph” crossword puzzle was placed, which caused shock among the military. It contained all the code name of the operation on the landing of allied troops in Normandy, “Neptune”, “Omaha”, “Jupiter”, “Utah”. The intelligence rushed to find the source of leakage of classified information, and found it very quickly. The compiler of the “spy” crossword was an elderly school teacher who was taken aback by such a coincidence is not less than the military.

Similarly, based on the novel by Edgar Allan Poe
samantha lee 138 The most incredible coincidence ...
Among the works of American writer Edgar Allan Poe, known for its “dark” stories, has a history of several travelers, survivors of the wreck of the ship.In order not to die of hunger in the open sea, they were forced to eat one of his associates. The victim of cannibalism in the story named Richard Parker.The story in itself terrible, but for the most incredible coincidence, a few years later it became a reality. In 1884, the ship was sailing on the high seas has found a skiff, in which three sailors survived the wreck. They said that in the beginning there were four of them, but they already ate the cabin boy.Jung’s name was Richard Parker. None of the sailors had never heard of the story of Edgar Allan Poe.

Picture of René Charbonneau as of fate

In 1992, at the request of the mayor of the French city of Rouen famous artist René Charbonneau painted the picture, which was the artist’s model for a university student Jeanne Lenoir. The picture was called “Joan of Arc at the stake.” The canvas placed in the exhibition hall, and the next day at the university lab explosion. Is there in this time of Joan of Lenoir was burned alive.

Forgotten Song – Herald woes
samantha lee 139 The most incredible coincidence ...
The great Marcello Mastroianni was once invited to a party. In the midst of a fun actor all of a sudden jumped up and sang all the long-forgotten song “Blown the house where I was so happy.” He has not had time to sing the song to the end, when informed that at his villa in Menton fire. As recognized by the Marcello, the song he sang for the last time, while still a schoolboy.

“Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!”

When Neil Armstrong is an American astronaut who set foot on the lunar surface, the first of his sentence was precisely this desire. The fact is that in his youth Armstrong overheard his neighbor angrily scolded her husband: “Rather neighbor boy flies to the moon, what do you satisfy a woman!”. Surname neighbors, as you may guess, was Gorski. Had Neil Armstrong of male solidarity go to the moon!

Green, Berry and Hill

And the last of dozens of the most incredible coincidence that different than predestination of fate, it is difficult to name. In 1911, in the London area Grinberri Hill for the murder of a certain Edmund Berry were executed three people. Their names were Green, Berry and Hill.

samantha lee 140 The most incredible coincidence ...
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