How much salary getting cosmonauts and astronauts

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Find data on salary cosmonaut or astronaut on any or possible except as a April Fool’s joke. To this day, the number of flying into space a little, and those who rely on it are people with unique experience. About such underhanded mention little details. But about salary space agencies say more readily than about masturbation and sex in orbit.

Generally, writing the post has prompted surprise from the salary figures of astronauts in the comments to the post «NASAastronauts Vacancies: Salary to $ 145,000, moving to Houston ismandatory.” Meanwhile, figures for the US astronauts generally publicly available. Tapping a particular astronaut and get the level of income does not work, but the scope is well known. When calculating salaries NASA astronaut made ​​account of his skills and experience. Astronauts civil-tested as civil servants, so they categorize General Schedule pay scale from the GS-11 to GS-14. Check the size of monetary compensation can be anyone: Here are the figures for 2015 and here for 2016 data. The tables summarize the size of payments for the whole year, not per month.As you can see, this is the sum of the order of 50-150 thousand dollars a year. In his reply of 21 August 2013 on the site NASA employee Robert Frost refers to the amount of 5300 to 11790 dollars a month. Military officers and often pass through O-4, O-5 and O-6. The US Air Force these levels correspond to major, lieutenant colonel and colonel, respectively.These figures are also available on the web. Answer Frost provides an assessment in 6500 to 8650 dollars per monthdepending on seniority. Judging from the data in the network, and after 2.5 years, these figures are at approximately the same level. However, as there may be additional benefits for housing and payments for raids. For example, food may be paid up to $ 1,100 a month housing allowance – up to $ 1,600 per month. Payments for raids are different, can be, for example, up to 200 dollars a month. Actually NASA astronauts in orbit continue to receive their usual “earthly” salary, plus there is a small charge of daily. For half a year can instill order of a couple of hundred dollars. This is a purely symbolic supplement that does not make sense – the astronauts will still provide food, accommodation and everything you need. Spend per diem to the ISS is simply nowhere.

European Space Agency

European astronauts are categorized from A2 to A4, that, according to Frost, give numbers of the order of 6.5 thous. To 10.5 thousand. Dollars a month. ESA does not indicate the exact data, but NATO’s website provides payouts categories A2, A3 and A4 by 5.1 thousand. 7.3 thousand. Euro. By enrolling in the astronaut beginners transferred to A2. A3 can be prepared following the basic preparation. Most often, increasing to A4 occurs after the first flight into space.

Russian cosmonauts

The numbers get a little more complicated. Available reports from news agencies and interviews. Data from December 2012give figures monthly salary of 60.9 thousand. Rubles for the candidate astronauts, 63.8 thous. To test cosmonaut and 88,450 rubles for instructor-cosmonaut (experienced astronaut, who teaches others). After the first flight of the salary was increased to 69.6 thousand. But this is only a basic component, to which are added good allowances and bonuses. At that time the dollar was worth about 30-32 rubles. Even material security was worse than that of pilots of commercial airlines. All of this pales in comparison to the sensible payment for the 6-month stay on the International Space Station. Total for six months in orbit Russian cosmonauts get the equivalent of about 130-150 thousand dollars. These consist of the amount of the original contract and other situations. For example, the station regularly come space truck “Progress”. Automatic docking system may experience some problems. Management will have to seize the ship and the dock manually. This procedure may be paid later.Overtime, extra days in orbit, unplanned surgery – all this increases the amount of remuneration. As said astronaut Clayton Anderson, perhaps, so the astronauts so calmly and kindly communicate with TsUPom: they do not want to jeopardize your cash reward.

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