Funny “404” page according (7 photos)

Byvaet_ roam the site and come across the 404 error. It is very nice when developers come to it with humor or inventiveness.
With 404 pages, you can return back to the site visitor, you can increase loyalty, and it is possible – and this is important – just to amuse him.

404 lego Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

Lego Town – economic educational online game where you take on the role of entrepreneur, buying ready-made business and managing hotels, restaurants or petrol stations.
Your task is to ensure the functioning of the infrastructure: do not forget to bring the fuel to the gas stations to buy food for the restaurant, pay utility bills for hotel and much more. The investment will bring stable income, if you support the activities of all systems of your company: hiring workers, paying them a salary, to constantly improve their knowledge and skills, building a profitable and sustainable business. In general, all as in real life. Operates and develops! Start Game Now! For fans of Japanese genre is probably a rare case of the veracity of the picture. Usually there is always the size of 5 to 12 years of age:

404pic 1 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

We went to a non-existent page on your site about yoga? Execute asana presented and boldly go to home:

404pic 2 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

“Looks like one of us there” – did so guys lost page:

404pic 3 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

A bit of poetry:

404pic 4 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

You can really spend a few exciting minutes of playing Pacman.

404pic 5 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

Ha! Ha! You fool! You fell right into my trap!

404pic 6 Funny 404 page according lg (7 photos)

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