Five foods that spoil a man’s sex life

by Sohail November 12, 2013 at 6:12 am

1. Salt

As the results of the latest research Tulane University, a high intake of sodium is a major factor in high blood pressure, which in turn leads to erectile dysfunction and is not treatable by conventional methods of treatment of impotence.

2. Soy

A diet rich in soy products, is also threatened by a man an erection. And all because they are present in soybeans estrogen lowers testosterone levels.

3. Canned food

Virtually every tin contains a chemical substance as TPA (bisphenol). So those men who are addicted to canned meat or pate in a tin container, at risk of becoming impotent with probability is four times greater than not people who use canned.

4. Trans fats

It is a type of unsaturated fat is the worst nutrient for the cardiovascular system. A good erection occurs only in those who have the heart and in order.

5. Sugar

Scientific studies claim that testosterone levels may be reduced by a quarter after receiving a large dose of glucose. Well, if this hormone decreases, it will inevitably fall, and the authority of the male body.




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