Fashion experts recommend (5 photos)

by hybridtechcar December 31, 2015 at 9:46 pm

Careless summer in flowing chiffon long since given way to a desire to dress warm and cozy. With the internet – shop “Sunny Bunny” you easily identify with the choice of models of women’s clothing size large winter season 2015 – Spring 2016. Especially as today’s fashion trends advantageous beat figure is plus size women. We can help you create a truly feminine look and feel it yourself calmly and confidently. First is traditionally the color. As in the previous season, fashion pleases us calm aristocratic range of shades. The colors are as close to natural – the color of withered grass, shades of gray, storm and classic beige. Trends recommend colorful drawings cells peas. But motley can be only one item of clothing, understated elegance is present in all the images. Concerning the silhouette is possible to note the return of A – a silhouette that will hide the rounded shape. The absence of belts, robes, flared trousers and skirts favorably beat image size women Plus. Special thanks to the length – from mid-calf to maxi. No deep cleavage, mini, and cuts a dress. Soft draping will make your figure truly feminine. In fashion cozy woolen dresses most simple style, not burdened with unnecessary detail. Outerwear follows general trends – cut coats, jackets and coats straight or tapered, high English collar. Mostly cashmere, but also holds eco-friendly synthetic leather and suede. I would like that – something warmer? This season you can safely get out of my grandmother’s trunk retro – coats of bright colors – burgundy, amber and blue. Trendy trend – the coat of faux fur coloring under jeans with 3/4 sleeves. Finally, so loved by us all democratic jackets. This season, they remembered us slanting clasps, shortened front part. The length of the truncated sports jacket to cozy coat that covers two-thirds of the legs.Another characteristic feature of down jackets this season are bold combination of materials – nylon, fur drape in one model. You no longer need to spend time and money looking for a successful and inexpensive clothing. Wanting to be determined with the help shaped in the new year, our experts have already done it for you and choose the option in the most successful combinations of colors and styles. You have only to mentally try on the proposed options, determine the size and make a choice.

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