Conspiracy of inanimate objects against humanity called resistentialism

by Sohail November 6, 2013 at 7:08 pm

You never have occurred to me that the things for a long time intrigues against the people? Sure, it sounds like a raving lunatic, but remember: you are not at home again to strike the furniture, though long accustomed to where it stands, and kitchen knife, which you probably own perfectly, sometimes instead of vegetables cut finger.
This phenomenon is called resistentialism (not to be confused with existentialism!), The term was proposed by Paul Jennings – children’s writer from Australia. Jennings has long realized that the Earth for hundreds of years a quiet, inconspicuous, but a brutal war between humans and objects of everyday life, and to explain it to others, he came up with such a concept. The next time you have to deal with kitchen utensils, electrical appliances and clothing, beware – we are surrounded by cunning and ruthless enemies.



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