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by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Photo: Google Glass second generation

On the website of the Federal Communications Commission (Federal Communications Commission) has photos of Google Glass second generation (exterior and interior view):  * Note: All units are in inches ...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Virtual arms Teslasuit on AR Conference

To see virtual reality well, but feel it even better. Incredible tactile technology gives Teslasuit, which will soon test the first time in Russia. The team of professionals engaged in the creation of Teslasuit virtual reality, games,...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

“Smart” professional sniper rifle won

  It took a few months after the announcement of the competition between professional sniper armed with a conventional rifle, and a newcomer with little experience in training, the armed “smart» Linux-rifle. The results of...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Kruglendar 2016 – poster-diary

Friends, ready-round calendar 2016! Each year I draw a new kruglendar, I hang on the wall and write on it, draw everything interesting that is happening to me. Or going to happen. By the end of the year the poster becomes a historical...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Astronomical Calendar for 2016

  Regulars projects TM certainly aware of annually produced calendars for programmers – one, two, three. This year, I want to offer wall-mounted desk calendar on the theme of astronomy and space, you can manually print on a...