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by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

“Saturn 5”: how to lose rocket technology

The media are increasingly talking about the so-called “lunar conspiracy” conspiracy theory, which claims that the flight and landing on the moon as part of the space program “Apollo” were fabricated. Whether it...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

How much salary getting cosmonauts and astronauts

Find data on salary cosmonaut or astronaut on any or possible except as a April Fool’s joke. To this day, the number of flying into space a little, and those who rely on it are people with unique experience. About...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

The most frequent breakdowns gadgets (4 photos)

A study was conducted in which to establish what the most popular gadgets among breakage. It turned out that most often the cause of malfunctions are still the owners of the device. Own carelessness, inattention make contact the service...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Brilliant invention, 2015 (20 photos)

A selection of brilliant and amazing inventions that saw the world this year. Safe truck It seems science fiction? And Samsung has already massively introducing this technology in Argentina. All in order to avoid accidents when overtaking...