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by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

10 most absurd SELF 2015 (11 photos)

It is difficult today to imagine life without a couple of daily self, and do them anytime, anywhere, in any position and posture, in any place and circumstance. But not always get something worthwhile, often absurd, crazy or absurd. Rejoice...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

Strange animals (23 photos)

Sobral podborochku animals that exist in nature, but Vidocq they rather strange. British Columbia. Princess Royal Island. Spirit bear, (kermode bear, subspecies of black bear)with chum salmon hanging from its mouth. ...

by hybridtechcar 1 year ago

What for us was the year 2015 (22 photos)

The year 2015 comes to an end, and so it’s time to sum ​​it up. This post will help us not only to sum ​​up the year, but also a bit to describe it. It was a special year for all of us. With its joys. And their sorrows. He...