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by Sohail 3 years ago

Why do you like to watch “horror”?

Who of us at least once in his life did not watch horror movies or thrillers, as well as a children’s camp did not talk at night under a blanket in the dim light of the lantern scary stories?People like to be terrible, even in the...

by Sohail 3 years ago

The most unusual of the human brain known to science

The human brain is still largely a mystery, not all of its capabilities and features of the functioning of clear science. For many years conducting research deviations and disturbances in the development of this most intricate organ of...

by Sohail 3 years ago

Why escalators still be a cause of death

  Until now, get up on the platform and go with it can be risky, especially when the moving staircase disappears beneath you – can get stuck in the gap clothes. Escalator, for example, pulled the child in Singapore thumb and...

by Sohail 3 years ago

Mascara can change eye color

Transformation, for example, green eyes in brown sometimes seen in people being treated for glaucoma. In one of the types of the disease increased pressure within the eye causes damage to the optic nerve, and to reduce the pressure, the...