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by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

Currently, methods for divorce in a great variety of network and one of them is a fake web online store in Instagram. The work of one of these “shops”, aimed at women who want to buy cheap fashion items, will be discussed later....

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Crazy Shoes by Filipino designer (3 photos)

It is known that women are crazy about high-heeled shoes, and 27-year-old Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro has created a unique series of creative shoe designs that have become famous. Shoes with skulls on his heels were designed to attract...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

I – the queen Nefertiti (5 photos)

200 000 pounds sterling and 51 plastic surgery needed this woman who 20 years ago decided she was the incarnation of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. NILEEN NAMITA, FROM BRIGHTON FOR COSMETIC SURGERY FEATURE . PICTURE MURRAY SANDERS COLLECT...