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by Sohail 4 years ago

The highest paid actress in 2013

Julia Roberts: $ 11 million Mila Kunis: $ 11 million Natalie Portman: $ 14 million Sandra Bullock: $ 14 million Charlize Theron: $ 15 million Emma Stone: $ 16 million Jennifer Aniston: $ 20 million Kristen Stewart: $ 22 million Jennifer...

by Sohail 4 years ago

Alec Baldwin hates the paparazzi (10 photos)

Famous Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin, apparently, does not like the paparazzi 😉 One of these days, when the annoying photographer trying to take pictures of stars, Alec Baldwin, literally squashed his hands behind his back and called...

by Sohail 4 years ago

Lady Gaga Premieres Applause’ Lyric Video

Grab your tallest heels and best sequin dress, Lady Gaga’s “Applause” lyric video is finally out. This comes days after a “pop music emergency” caused Gaga to release the first single from ARTPOP early. Originally...