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by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Crazy Shoes by Filipino designer (3 photos)

It is known that women are crazy about high-heeled shoes, and 27-year-old Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro has created a unique series of creative shoe designs that have become famous. Shoes with skulls on his heels were designed to attract...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Sushi as Art (12 photos)

For the creative mind, everything can be turned into art – even the food: such a specific and traditional, like sushi. Purists might say that the land – it is an art form, and they are right, but we think that these creative...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Russian fans of tattoos (14 photos)

In recent years, Russia’s rapidly growing number of enthusiasts modify their body with tattoos, but because the photographer Anton Afanasyev decided to find out who is generally a fan of this method of self-expression. As it turned...