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Cute 2-Year Old Russian Girl is a Car Expert

A cute little two-year-old Russian girl proves that she is a car expert. She does so by quickly naming off the brands names of various vehicles as she cruises by them on a scooter. video via Aida Legrand via reddit, Tastefully Offensive

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Riding the Booster, Stunning Space Shuttle Launch Video

Did you ever want to know what it’s like to ride a rocket into space? This video is exactly that. For real. A sensory overloading intimate perspective of a Space Shuttle blasting into Earth’s upper atmosphere at 3000 miles an hour. And then what’s it like to let go and fall back down to Earth.…

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Porpoises Pass Bubble Rings To Each Other Underwater

        Three black finless porpoises at Fukuoka Aquarium in Japan have learned how to blow and pass bubble rings to each other underwater and perform the trick daily at the aquarium. video via KyodoNews via Yomiuri Online, RocketNews24

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Proposed Dubai Skyscraper Features Independently Rotating Floors Operated By Voice Command

  Dynamic Tower is a proposed 80-story skyscraper in Dubai with a most unusual design feature—every floor will be able to rotate independently. The floors will rotate 360 degrees in 90 minutes and will give the building a unique, constantly changing silhouette. Tenants will be able to control rotation speed and direction via voice command. The…

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