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Techno Mona Lisa (8 photos)

Iron Art of motherboards and detalyushek computer. The technological masterpiece, demonstrated in the ASUS headquarters in Taiwan Peitou The company claims that it is subservient to “any kind of crazy ideas.” Need Leonardo da Vinci? – Pozhalte Mona Lisa :)))

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Unpleasant facts (8 photos)

Next you will find some unpleasant and little-known facts that seem strange to many. However, all this is taken into account and always remember. Total control A few corporations control 90% of the media. However, in recent years this situation has changed social media.

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Interesting car Ferrari 410 Superamerica (7 photos)

This is a typical American car of the 1950s, with huge wings and a distinctive grille – is actually Ferrari. Even, one can say, the serial.

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Wolf-fisher (6 photos)

Hunger is not my aunt.

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In Omsk dog named Watson found freezing in the snow cats (5 photos)

November 24 in Omsk dog named Watson during a walk discovered the frozen kittens. The dog jumped into the snow, and dug up two kittens, then began to lick them and tried to warm up. Babies carried local zoozaschitnitse Tatiana Terentyeva, which showed them to the vet. Kittens (two girls from different litters, age of…

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Fans of computer games dedicated (30 photos)

This collection is specially assembled for gamers. In it you will find all the fun and amusing.

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