Builder lost half of the head (4 photos)

by Sohail April 22, 2014 at 12:06 pm

A terrible story of one builder who got injured at a construction site, due to which doctors had to remove part of his cranium. See more shocking photos and read the full story. twenty-four Elvis Romeo Lingurar worked on dismantling the building when he lost his balance and fell from the scaffolding, hitting his head on the concrete slab, is two meters below. As a result of the accident the left side of the skull was split Elvis smithereens, but the builder was still alive, though, and fell into a coma. Doctors from Cluj deleted damaged bone to remove the extensive hematoma and the salvation of the brain, so the poor guy lived in this world and the next. Before the accident, Elvis Romeo looked ordinary. Coming out of the coma, Lingurar was astounded by what is in the hospital because could not remember how to disassemble the house fell, but the real shock overtook builder when he was discharged home and unwound the bandage on his head. On the left side of the skull of a young Romanian builder no large fragment of bone. Elvis Lingurara protects the brain from external influences only a thin layer of skin. Therefore, commuting accident victim does not – even a weak blow to the head may be the last in the career and life. You can put a prosthesis, but it will cost more than a thousand dollars, and the kind of money Romanian patient yet. Elvis turned for help to journalists. Usually, when these stories are from poor sensations are readers who are not rich or simply help poor patients regain health. The British, for example, already ready to assemble with the world on the pound. In the end, the same thousand Lingurar could then work out.

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