British authorities impose criminal penalties on companies for the notification of government surveillance

by hybridtechcar December 31, 2015 at 7:45 pm

Separately, Yahoo said last week that will warn users about suspected surveillance by government services. Twitter, Facebook and Google has done it before. The UK authorities do not like this initiative they are considering a bill under which the head of the company, warning of surveillance by British agencies could go to prison for two years. An example of notification from the Facebook account

8df9e96bc45f62e09f39b883076d5295 British authorities impose criminal penalties on companies for the notification of government surveillance

Minister threatened criminal liability technology firms, which notifies the user of a request for access to information by organizations such as MI5, MI6 and the Government Communications (GCHQ).
Policy Twitter requires notification of the access to their information, unless the court the company did not make to do otherwise. The bill would make these actions a social network illegal. The new law will make the communication service provider not to notify the subject of the request on his information in the request if not explicitly stated otherwise. Facebook beginningto warn users about attacks sponsored by governments in October 2015. Companies will have to store data, including websites visited, within twelve months. They will be available to government agencies without any restrictions. This bill is designed to fight terrorism, but the monitoring of users at this level is already banned in the United States, Canada and several European countries. The Bill would allow the UK authorities to “ask” of the company to ease encryption messenger like WhatsApp and iMessage, to give intelligence agencies the ability to monitor the correspondence. Apple opposed the initiative: “We believe it would be wrong to weaken security for hundreds of millions of zakonoposluzhnyh customers only to weaken the security for those few people who pose a threat». Apple and Microsoft do not want to give the correspondence members of civil service. The bill of the British authorities resheniiem goes against the United Nations, according to which the encryption and anonymity of the Internet ranked for human rights.