The best Christmas markets in Europe: which is cheaper? (2 photos)

by hybridtech October 26, 2016 at 11:06 am

Buy souvenirs and Christmas gifts for the best Christmas markets in Europe! We have tried to select those likely to fly much cheaper!

1477431093 01 The best Christmas markets in Europe: which is cheaper? (2 photos)

1. Billund, Denmark

When: November 13 – December 5

Billund – it is not only the name of one of the airports, where flies Ryanair, but also a place where the Danish Legoland. Manufacturer of world’s most popular designers own Christmas market are satisfied. “World of Pirates” and DUPLO will delight your children. Choose toys far more pleasant than to wander through the Christmas market in the company of adults, sipping mulled wine.

2. Bremen, Germany

When: November 29 – December 23

If without mulled wine still does, go to Germany – the spiritual home and commercial Christmas markets. Christmas market in the northern city of Bremen is famous for its medieval taverns and a unique Advent calendar. In addition, we can not fail to recall that Germany – one of the most affordable areas, taking into account the cost of the flight. A lot of touching moments associated with Christmas, and the sea of hot alcohol guaranteed!

3. Brussels and Charleroi, Belgium

When: November 30 – January 6

Christmas market in Brussels, with its 2-kilometer procession of 250 chalets, where they sell every imaginable seasonal souvenir – the largest in Belgium. It attracts he is not only a choice of Christmas gifts, but also plenty of entertainment and bright lights. Slightly less well known market in the center of Charleroi (this year will run from 12 to 24 December). This masterpiece – a huge Christmas tree installed on the square, where is the soulful, charming bazaar.

1477431033 02 The best Christmas markets in Europe: which is cheaper? (2 photos)

4. Dusseldorf, Germany

When: November 22 – December 23

If you fly to Dusseldorf, remember that the airport is actually located 70 km from the city. However, low cost airline compensates the inconvenience light transfer. Saved flights money better spent on unique wooden figurines, which are abundantly present in the local Christmas market. And yet here you are waiting for a free ice-skating rink and delicious gingerbread. Wash down with a branded German delicacy is best in one of more than 26 pubs of the Old Town. This Dusseldorf area by chance called “the longest bar in the world”!

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: until January 13,

Christmas starts early in the Netherlands. not a Christmas market in Amsterdam, and as many as 26! And they’re all struggling preparing for the holiday, creating a unique atmosphere in the city. An additional fun – skating rinks, the largest of which is the Leidseplein. Be sure to try the Dutch donuts oliboleny. Do not worry about the fact that they are harmful to health. They benefit by the fact that at least briefly distract you from the alcohol, which is on holidays in Amsterdam pours river.

6. Gothenburg, Sweden

Yes, winter in Sweden sunlight is in short supply, but you can make up for it by going to the “Christmas City of Scandinavia”, illuminated by thousands of festive lights. There’s even a “street lights” length of 3 km. But beyond it there are still 5 million lights illuminating Christmas Market Gothenburg. Gourmets will find plenty of tasty things that are easy to satisfy his hunger, will certainly arise in the process of shopping.