Back to basics: the demand for audio cassettes in 2015 increased significantly

Cartridges that were previously extremely popular and which are then forgotten, is now slowly beginning to return. Yes, CDs and digital media are still the most popular way of storing and transmitting information. Even vinyl remains afloat, and cassettes, it seems, and all are experiencing a rebirth. President of National Audio Company (NAC) Steve Stepp said his company is engaged in the production of cassettes, in 2015 registered a record growth in demand for this type of media. The demand for audio cassettes is steadily growing – according to the same Stepp, sales increased by 20% each year. But in 2015, an increase of just 31% compared to the previous year, a record.

“We never believed that audio cassettes came to an end,” said Stepp. He also said that when competitors started to go out of business, with the advent of CD, his company began to buy equipment companies closing. The majority of purchases were made ​​for very little money. The first closing small companies behind them have started to stop or reduce the production of larger, and then all the whales industry. All the while, Steve Stepp continues to buy the equipment. According to some analytical agencies, many artists, especially independent, remain loyal to the tapes for years. And still a huge number of music lovers to buy different product favorite musicians is on tape. In September, Bloomberg published the information that is now NAC has existing contracts with record labels like Sony and Universal. 70% of the sales of cassettes at the NAC comes with recorded music and 30% – the empty cartridge. Perhaps the growing popularity of cassettes due to the fact that the generation of the 80s begins nostalgia for bygone times, and buys cassette increasingly. Perhaps many simply enjoy listening to music with an unusual (for now) of the carrier. Whatever it was, in 2016 the trend will be more clear.

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