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by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Smart gun Beretta paired with a smartphone

The most advanced weapons in recent years, companies are experimenting with biometric authentication systems. To protect the wearer in an extreme situation, the instant before the shot holds reconciliation fingerprint on the handle. If...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

The reaction to hair dye (8 photos)

This lovely girl could not expect such a reaction of the organism to the beauty of hair. That is why we should not forget that before painting you need to test for allergies, causing a small amount of ink in the crook of the elbow. Carefully,...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Dangerous children’s toy (12 photos)

Children’s toy called Bunchems was quite dangerous for children. Manufacturers produced it, how to develop the designer, but the kids found it quite another use. Velcro, which are very much in form and tenacity reminiscent of thorns...

by hybridtechcar 2 years ago

Munch – winter fishing on Yakut (17 photos)

Munch – a traditional winter fishing Yakuts, which is attended by entire villages, and therefore get enough decent catch. On how this goes fishing, watch and read on. Then the words of the author: first, what is a “MuŅ„ha”?...