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by hybridtech 1 month ago

Drama in the Safari Park (4 photos)

This story took place in a park in Johannesburg, South Africa. Lion walking through the park, walked to the car Toyota and opened the back door. The driver stood still for a while, and then pulled like crazy. Leo followed him to the exit...

by hybridtech 1 month ago

Tattoo Art (31 photos)

Selection unreal cool tattoos. After viewing these pictures, it is difficult not to agree that the tattoo – is an art. ...

by hybridtech 1 month ago

Strange accidents and road accidents (43 photos)

Experienced drivers have not seen the accident and the accident and its consequences, but what awaits you on, do not often see. In this collection assembled the most bizarre accidents and traffic accidents, which still had to try to do. ...

by hybridtech 1 month ago

Species area above the beach Baska (9 photos)

Beach Baska, located on the southern tip of the island of Krk (the largest island in Croatia, Kvarner region), a very picturesque place, condusive for an extensive visit. On the slope of the right input cape I recommend to visit the observation...

by hybridtech 1 month ago

Techno Mona Lisa (8 photos)

Iron Art of motherboards and detalyushek computer. The technological masterpiece, demonstrated in the ASUS headquarters in Taiwan Peitou The company claims that it is subservient to “any kind of crazy ideas.” Need Leonardo da...