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by Sohail 2 years ago

Morning exercises on the exercise bike apartment

CEO of 5-hour Energy Manoj Bhargava (Manoj Bhargava) was the founder of a new business Electric Free. Now he is going to do exercise bikes. But not the usual, and an electric generator and battery. However, 60 minutes of training is enough...

by Sohail 2 years ago

The prototype bionic prosthetic hand Artopro

Welcome! We are developing a project of robotic prostheses and traction of the upper extremities. In Russia, nearly one million people affected by the loss of one or more limbs. One in four of them – the children. This prosthesis...

by Sohail 2 years ago

Smart X-Flash bulbs

Under the brand X-Flash is produced 154 models of LED lamps. Among them are seven unusual patterns, called intelligent lamps. I tested four lamps with a color temperature of 3000K (the other three models have a color temperature of 4000K).Various...

by Sohail 2 years ago

Do not open until 2957: at MIT have found a time capsule

Time Capsule, which the authors were asked to open messages not before 2957, was found on the campus of MIT. The sealed glass container was buried in 1957 and forgotten until the present moment. Capsule found workers who are building a...