Australian prankery famous network cruel jokes with Arab clothes

by hybridtechcar December 23, 2015 at 9:42 pm

Group prankerov Jalals Australia has become famous in the network cruel jokes, using stereotypes of terrorists. Their videos are gaining millions of views on YouTube and Facebook, however, cause the polar reaction network.

Media attention to itself Jalals drawn in the middle of December and the end of the month, several of their videos on Facebook gained millions of views.

The most popular of them – six-minute video, which is a compilation of Prank, in which a man in Arab dress frighten Australians leaving with them a black bag.

December 23 Jalals published the same movie in which “terrorist” allegedly committing public executions and opens fire with a fake weapon in front of passers-by.

Until recently, the comedy video Jalals not very popular. The success of social networking came to him after the start of work on the brutal Prank.

In comments Jalals both praise for the courage and criticized for aggravating racial stereotypes. Nevertheless, their videos on YouTube are collected much more “pluses” than “cons”. Many users also note that one of the members of the group may sooner or later shoot, taking the real terrorist.

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Jalals Group consists of three brothers – Jalal Arman (Arman Jalal), Ribina Jalal (Rebeen Jalal) and Jalal Max (Max Jalal), living in Melbourne. On their page on Facebook signed more than 940 thousand people.

In social networks brothers Jalal does not comment on its activities and does not say about the persecution of any meaningful goals – most of them accompanied by short comments rollers in the spirit of “the most savage reaction that we have been able to shoot.”