As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

by hybridtechcar December 29, 2015 at 9:07 pm

Currently, methods for divorce in a great variety of network and one of them is a fake web online store in Instagram. The work of one of these “shops”, aimed at women who want to buy cheap fashion items, will be discussed later. Then the words of the author: My girlfriend. Let’s call her Anna. Smart, beautiful girl, with higher education, management positions in international companies. Like most bored audience bohemian scrolls your instagram and accidentally stumbles upon a thing of the dream. As the account has attracted attention not so important. Laiki, adding as a friend, to mark the photos. Account not to arouse suspicion. Many subscribers. Written, even has its own shop. The truth is not in Moscow. But the thing dreams of a 50% discount! What’s there to think about? Anne writes in directives and orders a welcome Christmas gift. Knotted correspondence with vendors. Further, payment for goods and enjoyable process of waiting. A week, another …

razvod v instagram 01 As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

Sellers pulled carriage as possible. And then just banyat and disappear.
As a result, the loss of money and spoiled the mood. I decided to look into the situation. I go to the account. First name. Secondly Avatar and the number of subscribers already alarming. As the words “all in stock.” But believe me, this is my logic, it looks like a “wiring”, but in reality it may be in a slightly different form that does not cause you doubt.

razvod v instagram 02 As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

Let’s deal further. An important element of the “divorce” – the original inscription “BOOM shopping center 2nd floor” on the photo. The inscription is misleading. But look at the floor. It is different on the three photos. It is unlikely that the owners of shifted tiles to find the perfect song.

razvod v instagram 03 As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

In general, the whole account is similar to the Stock photos by tag # fur. One to one.

razvod v instagram 04 As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

And if you squander below, after some time there are pictures not related to the account name. Although to be honest, beyond 52 weeks, I do not flipped. But leafing through long. So the old account.

razvod v instagram 05 As bred girls for money in Instagram (5 photos)

The store itself, which was depicted in the photographs appeared in Arkhangelsk. In my case, it was easy to “break” the absence of the specified address. But as an ordinary person can do it? Nothing.
Now it is clear that sending the thing dreams will never come.
My friend lawyer consulted me for the fact that a legal requirement to return the money and a statement to the police to nothing lead. The application is written in Moscow to Arkhangelsk transmission is hopelessly lost … And the police in Moscow about kibermoshennichestvo knows nothing and a maximum send a request to the United States in Instagram.
Talks about his girlfriend described above. I say that it is certainly the ideal business model. Make and screwed literate account with the right phrases, add pictures, put your account manager. And vparivat nonexistent goods with 50% discount …
But the worst thing that on the eve of New Year activities such scams is increasing