Angela Merkel has become the “Man of the Year” by the magazine Time (Photos)

“Man of the Year” by Time magazine in December of each year is determined by the chief editor since 1927. In addition to Merkel for the title of Person of the Year fought Vladimir Putin, Hassan Rowhani, Donald Trump. Nominated “Man of the Year” celebrates people who were, according to the chief editor of the American magazine Time, the greatest impact on events in the world in a good or a bad way in the past year. Announcement “Man of the Year” by the magazine, took on the air of the morning show Today, that goes on TV channel NBC. In addition to Merkel for the title of Person of the Year fought Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the leader of the banned Russian terrorist group “Islamic State” (Arabic version – Daishev) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, US presidential candidate Donald Trump, as well as activists Organizations Black Lives Matter, who are fighting for the rights of African Americans.
The winning German Chancellor Angela Merkel joined the list of nominees for the background of the fact that over the years has always been at the center of the key political and economic events in the world, but it has been heavily criticized because of the crisis with migrants.

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