Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

by Sohail October 15, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Economic shocks, underground currency exchange, an almost religious reverence for the Rolling Stones and the change of the five presidents in two weeks – Argentina is really very peculiar country.

In the 2001/2002 years in the country for two weeks had five presidents

in 20012002 the country had five presidents in two weeks Amazing things can happen only in Argentina


One of the five presidents Adolfo Rodriguez Saa

It was a difficult time. After the economic collapse of the country hung debt of $ 13.2 billion, which was impossible to pay. Started this rapid change of presidents with the resignation of Fernando de la Rua in December 2001 and ended on assuming the presidency of Eduardo Duhalde, in January 2002, in the midst of massive protests.

Argentine warship La Fragata Libertad was seized in the port of Ghana at the request of the manager of a local hedge fund

the countrys naval vessel la fragata libertad was impounded in ghana for two weeks thanks to a hedge fund manager Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

Last year, the manager named Paul Singer asked the court to confiscate the ship Libertad, which stood at the port of Ghana since Argentina refused to pay him and other debt investors, which in total amounted to $ 1.4 billion, and the proceedings in this matter lasted for many years. The ship Libertad months stood at the port of Ghana as collateral.

 In honor of the return of ship and crew home, commissioned by the Argentine government was filmed this video:

After this incident, the country’s president flies abroad charter flights to its plane was not seized for debts

now the president charters a flight to avoid getting her state plane impounded Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

This year, for example, for a visit to Indonesia, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has hired the plane for $ 880,000.

On New Year’s taken such huge inflating rubber dolls

massive dolls like this one get blown up on new years eve Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

Sometimes locals overlap nearby roads and require drivers to pay tolls to raise money for these dolls.

About the passion for shopping current president of Argentina’s legendary

the current presidents shopping sprees are public knowledge Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

It is known, for example, after a meeting with the president of France in Paris, she went to the Christian Louboutin boutique and in one fell swoop wiped off the counter 20 pairs of shoes. And then tack weld a few design handbags from Louis Vuitton.

To demonstrate the intention to sell the car, just put it on a plastic bottle (for example, from liquid bleach) and write the phone number

to show a car is on sale all you have to do is put a plastic bottle on it Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

You will understand.

Local taxi drivers act as psychotherapists. Do not expect to go from point A to point B in peace and quiet.

Ugly Argentines are trying to force their citizens to pay tax beautiful

ugly people wanted beautiful argentines to pay a tax Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

External beauty in this country – a subject of great pride and even a reason for arrogance. A plastic surgery cost a lot of money, and the cost of them, according to the logic of ugly, must compensate those who by nature and so much to get them.

Each political party acquires its own brand of beer

political parties have their own beers Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

Apple’s products are so hard to come by, and they are so expensive that it is cheaper to fly Argentines for an iPhone or laptop to America and back, you buy them in your country

apple products are really hard to find and cost triple what they cost in the united states Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

In Argentina there is a real cult of youth Rolling Stones

the rolling stones have a cult following called rolingas Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

Thousands of teenagers dress up “on Mick Jagger” and call themselves “rolingas.”

If you want to go on a trip abroad, you have to file a special petition to exchange the local currency into dollars or euros

you have to apply to get dollars to leave the country Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

And it is not the fact that your application is approved. In order to curb the outflow of capital, the government imposed severe restrictions on currency exchange, and exit from the country of its citizens. However, there are also black markets.

In addition, you can go to Uruguay (only an hour ferry ride one way), and come back with a backpack full of dollars

or they take day trips to uruguay and come back with backpacks full of dollars Amazing things can happen only in Argentina

Some Argentines make several walker in the port of Colonia del Sacramento in the day.



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