A new way of “reservation” a parking space in Moscow yards (3 photos)

by hybridtechcar January 4, 2016 at 7:37 am

In Moscow, there are serious problems finding a parking space, but because motorists are constantly forced to be smart and ingenuity. With the new method “reservation” a parking space, involves the use of a trailer, we will introduce the post. Car owners of one of the houses on the south-west of Moscow showed real ingenuity in the struggle for scarce parking spaces in the yard. In order to “reserve” a parking space in the yard, they have adapted the old road trailers. In the morning, when they left – the trailer is put forward in the evening – pushed back. From the point of view of the law do not have any violations, it is not “abandoned” water bottles, old tires, or cones. Trailer license plate is privately owned and could quite legally be on-site parking.

parkovka 01 A new way of reservation a parking space in Moscow yards (3 photos)

The situation with the parking places in Moscow is really critical. Department of Transportation, introducing paid parking on the streets, drives motorists to park in the yard, where no “foreign” car seats all residents of the house enough to work. “Shells” in the courts banned the land leased from the city, in principle, impossible.
So we have to get out to car owners. Here, in the course went not only car trailers, but also quite rare motorcycle. To their attackers did not steal – they are securely chained to the pin in the asphalt and with one another.

parkovka 02 A new way of reservation a parking space in Moscow yards (3 photos)

Used car trailer costs about 10 thousand rubles. He is not subject to tax, insurance, too, do not necessarily.But put on record the trailer is already privately owned, so if someone moves the trailer – the owner can go and write a statement to the police in the attacks on his private property. That’s interesting, but as other motorists from this court relate to their sharp-witted colleagues?

parkovka 03 A new way of reservation a parking space in Moscow yards (3 photos)